Why Video Should Be Part of Your Communications & Marketing Strategy

Forbes called 2016 the “Year of Video Marketing” and many industry experts agree: The time to use videos as an effective communications tool to connect with your audience is now. With attention spans as short as never before and powerful screens with fast internet connections in almost every pocket, consumers have become accustomed to watching engaging clips on their devices and connecting in highly entertaining ways with their favorite brands, TV shows, and even their local government.

One big driver of this trend is social media. If content has to fight for attention in a never ending feed of articles, photos, and videos, it is clear that video clips that only require a click to start an engaging consumer experience have a massive advantage. If the trend continues and social media platforms like Facebook are more and more becoming a window into the world for its users, videos will emerge as the dominant form of content.

Another factor is that smartphone users are increasingly using their devices to watch videos. And much to the delight of marketers and public relations professionals, their attention is less divided than when they watch TV. A study conducted by Ipsos and Google among 1.519 smartphone owners between the ages of 18 and 34 concluded, that videos watched on smartphones received much more attention than those viewed on television. 53% of study participants reported that watching videos on smartphones was their “only activity”, whereas only 28% of television viewers said that they were entirely focused on the screen.

If that didn’t convince you yet, look at the numbers of video ad spending: eMarketer projects a 54% growth within the next three years from $9.59 billion to $14.77 billion. This indicates a clear acknowledgement among marketers and communications professionals that video provides a desired return on investment.

And don’t let the process of creating a compelling video deter you; with the right help it can be accomplished within a few hours and the effort is well worth it. The moment you hit play on your own corporate mini-movie and analyze the engagement metrics, you will not regret it!